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Why I Switched to SuperMemo After Using Anki for 5 Years, With Over 50,000 Cards and 420,000 Total Reviews


1. How to Learn About Meta-Learning: My Resource List

2. A 4-Step Roadmap Towards the Mastery of How to Learn (6 Years of Experience Summarized)

3. Best Resources on How to Engage with Our SuperMemo Community

4. A Look Back at My 8-year Journey on Learning How to Learn

5. If SuperMemo/Anki Really is THE BEST Learning Tool, Why Isn't Every Student Using It?

6. Why 99% People Never Learned How To Learn And How to Become That 1% (I)

7. Why 99% People Never Learned How To Learn And How to Become That 1% (II)

8. Why SuperMemo Trashes Any Note-taking System (Including OneNote and Evernote)

9. How I used SuperMemo to Master Vim in 10 Days

10. My Biggest Productivity Hack to Increase SuperMemo Time

11. 3 Fatal Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Be Taking Notes When Studying

12. Introduction of Transfer of Knowledge

13. Digitizing Learning Materials for Anki/SuperMemo: Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

14. My Portable Equipment Setup for SuperMemo and Tips for Concentration

15. Need Computer/Phone for SuperMemo/Anki But the Internet is the Biggest Distraction. Here are My Solutions.

16. How I Use Free Tesseract OCR to Convert PDF into Editable Text for Incremental Reading

17. Why SuperMemo/Anki is More Than a Memorization Tool (1): Introduction

18. Why I No Longer Tell My Friends about Anki/SuperMemo

19. Why This Blog Exists: Learning How to Learn Matters Much More Than You Realize

20. Learning Styles as a Myth: Some Evidence from Books

21. Why Books Don't Work: Constructivism Over Transmissionism

22. Learn How to Teach so You Can Learn How to Learn: Two Lists from Neuroteach

23. Applying Learning Strategies to Learn the Colemak Keyboard Layout (Hint: Anki and Sleep Helped a Lot)

All About SuperMemo

1. SuperMemoVim: Learning By Editing at the Speed of Thought

2. Incremental Writing: No More Writer's Block

3. The Magic Behind Incremental Writing: Spacing and Interleaving

4. Incremental Video: How I Watch Local Videos in SuperMemo

5. How to Fit All Inline Images Within the HTML Component in SuperMemo

6. Setting up and Using Inline Editable LaTeX in SuperMemo

7. My One Trick to Minimize Procrastination in SuperMemo

8. Hands Down The Most Important Thing In Using SuperMemo

9. No Dedicated SuperMemo Shortcut Keys? Try Windows Access Keys

10. The Complete Guide to Using SuperMemo's Incremental Reading with Only the Keyboard

11. My Experience with Rebuilding SuperMemo Lexicon

12. 3 AutoHotKey Scripts I'm Using For SuperMemo

13. My Zen Mode in SuperMemo

14. Prettifying […] Code Snippets in SuperMemo

15. How to Do Randomized Subset Review in SuperMemo

16. Don't Reuse Layout's Name to Prevent SuperMemo from Modifying Its Layout Randomly

All About Incremental Reading

1. SuperMemo's Incremental Reading: Explained

2. Incremental Reading: Reading 10 Books at the Same Time

3. Demonstration: My Workflow of Incremental Reading

4. Do I Need SuperMemo's Incremental Reading If I'm Only Reading One Book? (Examples in Nonfiction and Textbooks)

5. Incremental Reading: Reading "Quantum computing for the very curious" in SuperMemo (I)

6. The Significance of Incremental Reading in SuperMemo: Part I

7. The Significance of Incremental Reading in SuperMemo: Part II

8. What to Do After Creating Extracts In Incremental Reading?

9. Reasons for Incremental Extract Processing (I): Superior Metamemory Judgments

10. SuperMemo/Anki = Spacing Your Remembering; Incremental Reading = Spacing Your Reading

11. Three Secret Sauces Behind the Magic of SuperMemo's Incremental Reading

12. Incremental Reading + Text-To-Speech (TTS) = 2x Concentration and Engagement

13. Incremental Reading: How I Use This Program to Learn with Self-Explaining

14. How I Deal with PDFs for Incremental Reading in SuperMemo

15. Preparing Mathematics, Computer Science or Physics PDFs For Incremental Reading

16. Incremental Reading: Reading the Same Article Two Years Later

17. Incremental Reading: Turned Out I Didn't Know How to Read

18. Incremental Reading: The Problem Isn't Content Quantity or Quality. It's Content Consumption

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Using Anki In 2013

1. What I Wish I Knew When I Started Using Anki In 2013 (1)

2. Should I Learn a Second Language?

3. 3 Tools and 3 Tips for Learning a Second Language

4. Vocab Cards and Sentence Cards

SuperMemo and Anki

1. How I Moved My 50,000-Card Anki Collection to SuperMemo

2. Which Algorithm is Better? SuperMemo's or Anki's?

3. My Comparison Between Anki and SuperMemo

4. This Guide Will Help You Decide Whether to Use Anki or SuperMemo

5. Hypothetical Situations: Should I Use Anki, SuperMemo or Both?

6. My BIGGEST Discovery From Tweaking the Anki Setting

"Damn I Should've Done That Years Ago" Series

1. Spelling Template

2. Formatting with HTML Source Codes

3. Learning SuperMemo Keyboard Shortcuts

4. Adding Tables In SuperMemo

5. Choose "Image > Stretch > Filled" for Image Occlusion Items