3 AutoHotKey Scripts I'm Using For SuperMemo

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2020-10-01 Update: I no longer use these individual ahk scripts. I’ve incorporated them into my SuperMemoVim.

AutoHotKey (ahk) is an automation scripting language for Windows. If you want to understand AutoHotKey or the following scripts, here’s the official ahk tutorial

The following are 3 simple yet handy scripts that make using SuperMemo more convenient. All of them scripts can be found in my Github

1. Next Item Immediately After Grading

In Anki, after grading, Anki will immediately take you to the next card. In SuperMemo, however, it doesn’t. I quickly found it annoying having to press the space-bar every time after grading. So this script simply presses the space-bar after hitting 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

1st drawback: you can’t change your grading after automatically moving on to the next item. Originally, if you grade an item wrong, you can press Alt + G to revert the grading and grade it again. With this script, you can’t.

If after jumping to the next item and I just realize how to reformulate the previous item, I press Alt + Left to go back.

2nd drawback: Pressing the number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 will automatically add a space. The script can’t tell whether you’re grading or editing an element. It is quite a hassle if you’re editing an item. All in all, I think the trade-off is worth it.

2. Increase Font Size

As I mentioned in Damn I Should’ve Done That Years Ago"(1): Spelling Template, I like to have syntax highlighting in SuperMemo. This script simply takes the code snippets in Visual Studio Code and then increases the font in Microsoft Word. When you’re in VS Code, the trigger is ‘Ctrl + CapsLock’: It simply highlights everything and then increases the font size three times in Word.

3. Hide the Taskbar

I like to hide the taskbar when using SuperMemo. The taskbar is a distraction: the Firefox icon is a portal to all sorts of wonders on the Internet. However, there are times when I need it, like switching between programs and I like doing so with the taskbar. So this script takes care of that scenario. Why not just fullscreen SuperMemo? It will hide the Status bar which I don’t want.

Update: Fellow User’s Script


1. Auto New Splitline

Credits to /u/rogne

It creates a new splitline, and moves your cursor one down when you press |

Script can be found here

2. Creates a new item with reversed question and answer (by Jeff)

; make reverse card (while editing answer)
Send, {Esc}
Sleep, 300
Send, !d ; duplicate
Sleep, 300
Send, ^+s ; swap Q & A


While creating new elements as usual:

\1. Type the question (e.g. “car”)

\2. Press Tab or Esc to go to the answer

\3. Type the answer (e.g. “der Wagen”)

\4. Press numpad * to create the reverse card (e.g. “der Wagen -> car”)

Closing Remarks

As you can tell, these scripts (except the third one) are super easy to make and nothing fancy. A brief ahk tutorial will do. I hope this article inspires you to create your own scripts. If you have other scripts for SuperMemo, please do share them in the comment session. I might add it to this post.